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We source sellers that have something unique to offer our clients. We excited to introduce 3 prominent sellers, namely: Medac, Slaap Tyger and Moringa.


MEDAC is a Cape Town based company that prides itself for its design, manufacturing and marketing of orthopaedic pillows, medical support bracing, maternity range products and cold therapy products. 
The products are fabricated from a proprietary, neoprene free material known as Medprene. This material provides superior performance characteristics including: compression, strength, stretch, weight, “thinness”, memory, durability, breath ability, moisture vapour transfer, and comfort over neoprene and elastic knits. 


Slaap Tyger was Established in 2017 by a Fashion designer Qhamani Matroos.  A luxury street wear brand that offers a wide variety of urban clothing and street wear. Our range stands out simply because they are unique and original. We are a South African Brand and we represent the South African urban street culture with an African and global appeal.


Plant-based vitamin and nutrition sources with all the benefits and without any of the side effects. 100% natural immune boost.
Over 95 nutrients 46 antioxidants (Highest Number of Antioxidants Known) 18 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids Sceletium assists with emotional wellness, mood enhancement, OCD treatment, Social Phobias.

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We are always on the lookout for a local and lekker business that would love to expand their reach. We would like to offer you a platform that will allow you to take full advantage of this technological age. To make the transition simple and allow your business to realise its fullest potential.

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