FAQ - Your Questions Answered


All products listed in our store are eligible for delivery and comply with the Government's trade regulations.

Returns and exchanges
Our returns policies are in line with the COVID 19 restrictions.
Collections are currently not available at this stage. We will deliver it to you.
COD payments are not available
Our Operating hours have not been affected.
You can contact us at Admin@chillisky.com for any question that you have

Delivery and Fulfillment?

New delivery and collect measures have been implemented to align with the social distancing COVID19 measures.

Our delivery staff have been trained and instructed to abide by the social distancing. Your orders will be placed down you will need to allow the staff member to back up before you can retrieve them. 

Returns and Refunds

All of the Refunds for returns will be captured once the returned item has been received and approved. This process will take 2 to 5 working days from the day it was collected. Once the process is complete it takes 5 working days for the funds to reflect. 


If items have been cancelled from your order due to an inventory error we’ll notify you via email or whatsapp & issue a refund.

Failed Delivery or Expired Collection

If we are unable to deliver your order,  within 7 days, we will cancel the order and return it to the warehouse and issue you with a refund