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Available in 5 different colours: light and dark grey, green, pink, blue.

Pack of 5 filters available under colour options. 
Cleaning procedure:
1. Remove mask from your face carefully - do not touch mask, remove by the straps only
2. Place complete unit in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Make sure it is fully covered with boiling water
3. Wash hands using hand washing protocols for COVID-19
4. Wash your face using COVID-19 protocols
5. Leave complete mask in the hot water for at least 5 minutes
6. Rinse the mask under cold running water
7. Remove the filter and pat it dry between 2 paper towels or dishcloth. Leave aside to air dry
8. If the mask has dirty marks on it, you can hand or machine wash the mask. (Make sure the filter is removed)
9. Do not squeeze, wring or hand wash the filter. The delicate structure may be damaged
10. Leave both filter and mask to air dry. Once both components are dry, insert filter back into mask
11. Once the filter has been sterilised 5 times, discard it after sterilising and insert a new filter which must also be sterilised before use.